The opposition to the Affordable Care Act put forth by the Obama Administration runs deep.  However, the Supreme Court upheld the law in a 6 to 3 vote in 2015.

The wording of the law gave only Americans living in states without federal marketplaces tax credits while others, in states that had their own exchanges, didn’t get the credit. The Supreme court ruled that the the Affordable Care Act gave credits to all Americans who bought their insurance through a federal exchange, as well as those who bought their insurance through a state exchange. Without that tax credit, many people would have lost their health insurance.

Chief Justice John Roberts stated that the purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to make health insurance in the country more affordable and easily attainable. He stated that the law must be interpreted with that in mind.

Justice Antonin Scalia read the dissenting opinion and reiterated concerns regarding how the act was worded. Opponents of the act have stated that eligible Americans who bought their insurance through state run exchanges shouldn’t be eligible for any government subsidies. This would have deprived over 6 million Americans health insurance.

The ruling saves the act from being changed by executive order. Any and all legislation must go through congress before any changes are made.