In May, 2016, a Pennsylvania judge ruled that a sexual assault case levied against Comedian Bill Cosby would move forward in criminal court.

The victim, Andrea Constand, reported being drugged and assaulted to authorities in 2004 which took place in Cosby’s home. Constand was a student at Temple University at the time of the assault and Cosby was mentoring her.

Prosecutors re-opened the case when numerous other assault accounts began pouring in from different women w2ho claimed that, they too, were drugged and assaulted by Cosby dating back many years.

Cosby’s case has sat in limbo for 5 months and the hearing in the case took 3 and a half hours. The hearing is standard procedure in Pennsylvania with regard to criminal cases. The judge concluded, after a hard fought defense by Cosby’s attorneys, that there was enough evidence presented and that the case would move forward to trial. This will be the first time that Cosby will face criminal charges regarding any of the alleged sexual assaults.

The former prosecutor had stated that he would not press charges against Cosby if he agreed to testify in a civil suit that was brought by Constand in 2005. However, Cosby’s attorneys will be looking to suppress Cosby’s testimony from that civil trial and will, without a doubt, be looking to suppress any evidence that has come to light with regard to the other women who have come forward alleging that, they too, were drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby.

The case will go back to the original Pennsylvania trial court where a new judge will be assigned. At that time, a trial date will be set for the near future. This will be the first case involving Cosby to be tried and will, no doubt, will be taken into consideration by judge’s from other jurisdictions with regard to similar pending cases.