“After this latest incident, I hope Target finally recognizes the importance of protecting its customers, especially in environments where they can be at their most vulnerable. I am offering them the resources of my office to help assist them in improving their safety procedures,” Paxton said in a message to Target last Friday.


Paxton was referring to police reports searching for a man who peered over a changing room wall with a cellphone at a Target store on Northwest Highway at Abrams. It is the second such incident reported, after a similar crime occurred back in May at a Target store in Frisco, Texas.


AFA, a conservative group that has lead a nationwide boycott against Target for allowing men to go into women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms if they identify as female, praised Paxton’s inquiry, arguing that he is taking a “courageous stand against Target’s unsafe and dangerous policy.”


“And he’s not afraid to step on some corporate toes to make sure companies don’t put women and children at risk from sexual predators,” the group added in a statement on Tuesday.


The AFA noted that Paxton sent a similar letter to Target’s corporate management back in May, where he said that allowing customers who are men according to their birth sex to go into women’s restrooms has the potential of leading to criminal activity.

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