Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

USA Gymnastics Doctor Pleads Guilty To More Sexual Misconduct Charges


54-year-old Larry Nassar has plead guilty to more accusations of sexual misconduct with minors in a highly publicized November 29 hearing in Michigan. Nassar accepted three more of the charges of first degree sexual conduct with children under the age of 16, including one charge involving a child younger than 13 years old. Nassar, the team doctor for the American Olympic gymnastics team for many years, had already plead guilty to abusing seven girls a week prior, and had made a deal that would put him in prison for at least 25 years.


At the November 29 trial, when Nassar was pressed on whether or not he had inserted an unprotected finger into the victims, he said “yes” with a sigh. Nassar was very quiet during this second hearing. Sentencing for these additional charges, on top of the 25 years already handed down, will occur some time near the end of January 2018.


In the November 22 trial, Nassar admitted to similar misconduct with several members of the gymnastics team, usually veiled by the encounters being of the nature of a medical exam. The acts of abuse spanned from 1998 to 2015, when he was quietly dismissed by USA Gymnastics. Nassar, while pleading guilty at that initial hearing, expressed his desire to move on and to help his victims begin the healing process. Rosemarie Aquilina, the judge presiding over that case, responded harshly on behalf of the victims, saying that it would take some of them years to heal “while you spend your lifetime behind bars thinking about what you did in taking away their childhood.”




The case against Nassar began to be built when Rachel Denhollander came forward to the Indianapolis Star over a year ago, detailing allegations of sexual misconduct by Nassar. In court, Denhollander detailed in the initial court hearing how, beginning in the year 2000, when she was 15 years old, Nassar rubbed her sexual organs and inserted his finger while making it seem the actions were part of a medical treatment. Denhollander says Nassar went as far as groping her breasts at one point. Since Denhollander came forward, over a hundred gymnasts have since followed suit. Nassar initially tried to continue the story that his practices were part of medical procedures, but he began pleading guilty later to charges such as possession of child pornography. Even big names in USA Gymnastics such as McKayla Maroney and Aly Raisman put their names in the fight against Nassar.. The public has also since condemned USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University for knowing about complaints about Nassar and not doing enough about addressing them.

Group of Women Sue Carrollton Spa over Harassment


In late June, a group of five women sued Spa Castle, a spa in Carrollton, Texas, making serious allegations against the establishment. The group contends that male employees harassed them and watched them undress, in some case even taking pictures or video recordings of them in the nude. Four of the women experienced this treatment on a June 15th visit, while the fifth woman recounted similar experiences from her visit on February 14th. Since then, the spa has fired its assistant manager, who was one of the men accused of being a “peeping Tom”. However, the women are now seeking $1 million in damages over the violation of their privacy.

According to the suit, it seems that the male employees had a system in which each one would hold a phone with a towel over it to make it as subtle as possible while still being able to take pictures. Furthermore, it seems that this operation was so organized that there were signals in place to point to the person with the best vantage point to take a salacious picture. One of the women says that at least one male employee simply entered the female locker room and stared at naked women; when the employee was confronted, the woman claims he only responded, “Oops,” with a smirk. The woman tried to file a formal complaint, but was directed to do so via e-mail, as the acting manager was not at work during that shift.

Roshunda Wade, one of the other women involved in the suit, says that her experience was more heated. After a male employee had already unexpectedly entered the women’s nude-only jacuzzi area, under the guise of informing them when the room’s closing time was, Wade says two men refused to leave the bathing area of the locker room in order to allow she and her friend to change. Wade even alleges that the men continued to stare at her body and took pictures of them with a cellphone after refusing to leave. “I remember feeling absolutely disrespected, very angry, disappointed, embarrassed and uncomfortable,” Wade recalls of the situation. Just moments later, Wade also says she saw the men harass another woman in the bathing area, forcing her in the nude to squeeze between them in order to exit. Wade, similarly to the aforementioned woman’s experience, was directed to submit her complaints via e-mail.

This isn’t entirely untrodden territory for the business, as its original branch in New York City has also been accused of lewd acts and safety violations in the past. The original location had to shut down for a period of time last year due to a girl almost drowning after her hair got caught in a drain. The Carrollton branch advertises itself as a family-friendly destination, but this is not the first time they’ve gotten in hot water themselves. For example, two women in mid-July reported finding feces in the women’s-only bathing area, in addition to sarcastic treatment by the employees when presented with the complaint.

Hinsdale South’s Josh King among Michigan State players charged with criminal sexual conduct



A woman in Michigan was sexually assaulted by one of three football players that played for Michigan State.  The woman claimed she was sexually assaulted at a party where Josh King, 19, was involved.  King is being charged with first as well as third-degree criminal sexual conduct indictments as well as the distribution of images of an undressed person.  King’s position was that of a defensive end and happened to be a 2016 Illinois highest-ranked recruit as well as a two-time state wrestling champion.  King’s teammate, Demetric Vance, 20 years old as well as Donnie Corley Jr., 19 are among the other players being accused of third-degree criminal sexual conduct indictments.

All three players have since been removed from the team by Mark Dantonio, Michigan State coach.  According to Michigan State’s independent Title IX, all three teammates have encroached upon the violence and sexual misconduct policy of the university.  There were prior similar incidents from Minnesota and Baylor that have sparked national awareness regarding sexual assault accusations concerning college sports members.  Dantonio stated, “You ask yourself, ‘Did they break the law?’…That’s to be discovered at a later time. You have to ask yourself about the morals involved in this. My perspective is the morals were not where they needed to be, and conversely this decision was going to be made on recognition of the facts.”

The woman that was allegedly sexually accosted testified that she was pulled into a restroom and forced to perform oral sex on King.  After, she was forcibly raped.  After King, the other two teammates entered the bathroom and performed the same sexual assaults until the woman collapsed on the floor.  King was found with a video of him engaging in sexual conduct with the woman on his cellphone.  Dantonio stated, “There’s been a numerous amount of education thrown at our players, especially our freshman group from the time that they’ve gotten here,” he said. “One week before the episode, we had our Title IX administrator come in and talk about the case at another university. The education, I thought, was there, and they compromised themselves by getting involved in such a situation.”  Dantonio was said to be furious regarding the teammates not heeding to the school policy and education that was given regarding sexual conduct and assault.

APphoto_Michigan St Assault Investigation Football

Michigan State is currently being prosecuted for over 95 alleged sexual misconducts that are in relation to USA Gymnastics and doctor Larry Nassar.  The complaint states that the school did not acknowledge the complaints of sexual assaults nor ensure protection from alleged defendant’s vengeance.  Athletic director Mark Hollis stated that “Systems are in place here at Michigan State, but like anyplace else, they have to continue to improve … to prevent and respond … to keep pace with today’s society. Voices must be heard. Bystanders must react. Care and compassion provided to survivors,” as well as “Sexual assault has no place on our campus, on any college campus…in fact there is no culture where it is acceptable for one person to abuse another.”

King was the highest-rated novice to ever be recruited in the history of his high school, Hinsdale South.  Corley was a prominent player for the Spartans in the year 2016 and completed second on his team.  Vance was included as a top player for the Spartans’ recruiting in the year 2016 and was also classified as 3rd in the Big Ten and 17th nationally.  Vance’s attorney, as well as Corley’s attorney, stated that they are falsely accused in this situation and requested them to be dismissed from all charges stating “no criminal history whatsoever.”


Stanford Swimmer Receives Light Sentence for Sexual Assault

On June 7, 2016, California Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Brock Turner, a 20 year old student at Standford University and all star swimmer, to 6 months for the 2015 sexual assault of an unconscious woman who had come to campus to visit her younger sister.

Three California Women Stop Attempted Sexual Assault


Three women from Santa Monica, California acted swiftly and stopped a potentially deadly scenario from happening to another woman.

Sonia Ulrich and two of her friends were dining out at a Santa Monica Restaurant when they noticed a man slip a substance from a vial into his dates drink after she left the table to go to the restroom. Ulrich then followed the woman into the restroom to advise her about what she had seen.

Oklahoma Sodomy Law and Calls For Change


In 2014, an Oklahoma teen was charged with sexual battery after he engaged in sexual conduct with a 16 year old friend.  The charges stated that the girl had been drinking a large amount of vodka before the assault.  Her blood-alcohol level was 4 times more than the legal limit to be driving in Oklahoma and was more than enough to ensure that she had alcohol poisoning.

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations


Bill Cosby has been a fixture in everyone’s home for years beginning with The Mod Squad, and continuing through the years with hit cartoons, movie roles, production credits, stand-up shows, and hit television shows like The Cosby Show. Cosby has been a pillar of the African-American community for generations and has had many honors bestowed upon him from educational institutions and other organizations.  His comedy and career have been wholesome from the start, or so it seemed.

Supreme Court Allows Teacher’s to Testify in Child Abuse Cases


One of the hardest things for prosecutors and defense attorney’s alike is having very young children testify.  If they are victims of child abuse or child sexual abuse, this makes the situation all the more difficult, especially for the child.