Dayton, Georgia authorities have revealed that the man charged with killing a mother and a 7-year-old boy in a car accident had a previous criminal record in the state of Georgia. Kesean Williams-Parks was driving a Nissan Maxima at 11 PM on Wednesday, November 29 when his vehicle rammed into the southeast corner of 803 Lilac Avenue, striking down 39-year-old Maria Davis and her son Jerome. Maria was immediately pronounced dead, while Jerome was pronounced dead on arrival to Dayton Children’s Hospital. Plywood has since covered the corner of the house that was destroyed in the accident. Locals have also turned the house’s mailbox into a makeshift memorial of stuffed animals and balloons.


Police say that an officer initially spotted Williams-Parks’ car on nearby Hoover Avenue and saw it enter a driveway.. After raising some suspicion, the officer moved his spotlight towards the car, although the officer decided not to pursue when the driver left the driveway. He was later spotted by other witnesses as ignoring a stop sign before he ended up crashing into the Davis home. Williams-Parks attempted to flee on foot, but was taken into custody near the scene of the crime. He plead not guilty on the charges of concealed weapons and aggravated drug possession on the Friday after the accident. Specifically, Williams-Parks was caught with a loaded Smith and Wesson .38 caliber gun and with a supply of methamphetamine. Williams-Parks remains in jail on a $500,000 bond, and the case will be heard by a grand jury. Police believe there was a second person in the vehicle, but no details have been publicly released about the suspect or the ongoing search for the culprit.


Williams-Parks has had run-ins with Georgia police in the past, being charged by Clayton County authorities in 2011 with burglary, drug possession and fleeing from police. He was sentenced to five years of prison, but ended up leaving early thanks to a first-time offenders’ program. Meanwhile, this was also not the first time something like this happened to the Davis family, as they had to move from their previous home after a fire where they lost a lot of their former possessions. Fortunately, there was one other youth in the house at the time of this fatal accident that escaped without injury. As for Edison PreK-6 School, the institution that Jerome attended, they have provided a crisis team to help give emotional support to classmates and teachers. The school is also organizing a financial fund for the purposes of aiding the remaining members of the Davis family.