On July 26th, four people in Bremerton, Washington were charged by local police after they beat and robbed a man from the neighboring town of Puyallup with a baseball bat. The group reportedly lured the 33-year-old to an area near a Bremerton elementary school with the promise of getting to meet with a prostitute. The victim was found unconscious on Monday, July 24th  in the elementary school’s parking lot, estimated to have been left there for at least seven hours. He was diagnosed with multiple skull fractures once he arrived at Harborview Medical Center.

Devonte Malik Crawford, 21 years old, later told the police that he was the one who kept the baseball bat hidden before pulling it out to hit the victim three times in the head, including two times as the victim laid on the ground. Crawford says the misdirection to get the victim to believe a prostitute was coming was orchestrated by Crawford’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Charis Amanda Guyt. Guyt reportedly communicated with the victim through a dating app in order to arrange the meeting. Crawford and 20-year-old Jordan Donald Nesser would then go on to rob the victim. Guyt was aware of the plan to rob him, but claims she didn’t expect such a level of violence would be necessary in the perpetration of the crime. “Guyt suggested she was expecting [the victim] to be pushed and mentioned him getting tied up as an alternative to what actually happened,” according to police reports. The final suspect here was 19-year-old Kayla Brianne Rishel, who is Nesser’s girlfriend. Rishel’s role was the getaway driver.

More specifically, the meeting was set up for 10:30 PM, and Guyt arrived as the prostitute, with Crawford posing as the pimp. $300 was exchanged between Guyt and the victim before Guyt retreated and allowed Crawford to begin beating the victim. Nesser then jumped into action once the victim was knocked out and helped in extracting the victim’s phone and wallet. They went on to split the $300 in cash among the three primary actors in the robbery, with Nesser also using the victim’s card at local gas stations until it was declined. Nesser says he purchased gasoline, cigarettes and Red Bull energy drinks with his share of the money.

After police pored through security footage from the school and the gas stations, they were able to quickly identify the suspects in the case. Police eventually arrived at Crawford’s residence, where they found the baseball bat used in the attack with traces of blood still analyzable on the weapon. Crawford was charged with first degree assault, while Nesser was charged with first-degree robbery. All four suspects also received accomplice charges.