36-year-old Brenna Davis is facing charges in the death of her husband. According to authorities, she stabbed her 40-year-old husband, Orville, multiple times after an argument in their St. Charles home.

Orville suffered stab wounds to the chest and face. Police reported that the couple had been having marital issues, but authorities had never been called for domestic violence issues. The couple was at home with their five children when the argument began. The argument escalated and Brenna grabbed a knife and proceeded to stab Orville. The children were not injured during the incident, nor was Brenna.

According to her police interview, Brenna was involved in an affair. The argument began when Brenna tried to hide her Kindle Fire from Orville. During the argument, Orville broke Brenna’s cellphone and demanded she leave if that was her choice. When Orville tried to take the Kindle, Brenna began stabbing him. One of the children called 911.

A witness statement from an unnamed person inside the home reported that Brenna had told Orville she would, “rather stab him but it wasn’t worth it.”

Brenna is currently in the St. Charles County Jail. She is being held on $500,000 bail.

Unfortunately, St. Charles Police report that the stabbing is one of three homicides occurring within the last two months.

In downtown St. Charles last week, Brady Wood was attempting to rob a man. His intended victim, instead, shot and killed Wood. Wood had two accomplices in the attempted robbery, 29-year-old Michael Leslie and 21-year-old Autumn Nuspl. The two are facing second-degree murder charges for their involvement in Wood’s death. Missouri law holds those committing a felony responsible for any deaths, whether directly or indirectly involved.

The first of the recent homicides occurred in November. Two teens, a girl and her boyfriend, shot her grandfather in the front yard of his home in St. Charles. They have both been charged for the murder.

Investigations are continuing in all three of these St. Charles homicides.