On September 28th, Allen County, Indiana authorities issued a warrant for 19-year-old Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda after an investigation was made into text conversations planning an attempted murder of her brother’s newborn baby using poisoned breast milk. Rodriguez-Miranda is charged with one felony count of attempted murder; she fled to Michigan when she got wind that police had begun investigating her and has reportedly been on the run since January.


According to police reports, the authorities were alerted by Rodriguez-Miranda’s grandmother, who saw a conversation between Rodriguez-Miranda and her boyfriend; Rodriguez-Miranda regularly used her grandmother’s cell phone apparently. This particular conversation came about after Rodriguez-Miranda’s brother, his fiancee and their 11-week-old child decided to extend what was meant to be a temporary stay at her and her grandmother’s home. In retaliation, Rodriguez-Miranda revealed via text messages to her boyfriend that she would crush acetaminophen and sleeping pills into powder and mix it with the baby’s milk to kill the child.


The grandmother then went to verify if those statements were true, and she found two baby bottles, one of which did have notable residue at the bottom. From there, the grandmother confiscated the bottles and took the baby to a hospital emergency room for a check, although the hospital said they found no signs of poisoning. The mother later confirmed that neither bottle had been used to feed the child.


Further investigation found that Rodriguez-Miranda had gotten the equivalent of nine Excedrin tablets into the baby bottle, which would have been more than sufficient to kill the child. Other texts from Rodriguez-Miranda were also found, including one that read, “Yeah I thought it was funny that I don’t have an ounce of guilt.” It seems that once she noticed the bottles had disappeared, she thought her plan had come to fruition, texting, “I know I’m excited dude. I’m glad it didn’t happen while I was here because then they wouldn’t suspect it happened at this house and blah blah.”. Some days later, once the baby showed it was still alive, Rodriguez-Miranda texted her boyfriend in disappointment, “Why didn’t that baby die, dude? I hope she dies… I’d never be suspect I know, but I hope it works.” As the days went on, Rodriguez-Miranda did begin to show some worry without guilt, writing such messages as, “My subconscious is guilty but [to be honest] I hope she dies. I don’t feel bad about it [because] she was destined to grow up s**t or be abused.” It is believed she fled to Michigan because her boyfriend’s family is from there; she is still on the run.