In May, 2014, in Houston, Texas, a girl was found dead in a hotel room. She had attended prom the night before with her date, Eddie Herrera.  Jacqueline Gomez was 17 years old at the time. In 2016, Herrera stood trial for the death of his girlfriend.  He was charged with aggravated assault in Jacqueline’s death.

the prom. The hotel room was paid for by Herrera’s mother and she was staying in the same hotel at the time. During the investigation, it was revealed that Herrera’s mother had provided Hydrocodone and alcohol to the teenage couple. She had stated that she just wanted them to have a good time. Herrera’s mother was charge separately for that incident.

During the evening the couple had engaged in sexual intercourse and Herrera stated that he had choked Gomez during sex. He also stated that he eventually went to sleep and when he awoke the next morning Gomez was dead next to him. He immediately called his mother who, the prosecution stated, had attempted to redress Gomez before calling 911. Herrera’s mother wasn’t charged for tampering with evidence as it could not be proven.

Herrera eventually admitted that Gomez had asked him to choke her during sexual intercourse and he believed she had simply passed out. He didn’t realize she was dead. It couldn’t be determined whether or not Gomez died because of strangulation or overdose of alcohol and prescription medication.

The jury deliberated for 2 hours and found the now 20 year old Herrera guilty of aggravated assault. The jury recommended a sentence of 25 years. Herrera is currently awaiting sentencing. His mother, Melissa Martinez has been charge it providing the teens with alcohol and prescription medication.