In Oxford, Mississippi, on Sunday afternoon, Police responded to a potential domestic disturbance. When authorities arrived at the Suncrest Drive home, they discovered the body of 32-year-old Dominique Lashelle Clayton. She was unresponsive, and pronounced dead shortly after. Clayton had been shot in the back of the head and was discovered by her 8-year-old son.

As the police began to investigate, they learned of Clayton’s current relationship with Matthew Paul Kinne, who was currently serving as an officer with the Oxford Police Department. This information was provided by Shyjuan Clayton, Dominique’s sister, who claimed that Kinne was having an affair with her sister.

The investigation was handed over to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations, who continued to follow through on Clayton’s death. Further developments in the case led investigators to arrest Kinne on Monday night. He was taken to the jail in Panola County. There, he was officially charged with murder.

Kinne had served four years with Oxford Police, but it is unclear as to why he might have shot Clayton. However, Clayton’s sister and friends told investigators that it was the result of a domestic issue. Investigators to not have enough information at this time for this to be conclusive. Kinne will receive his bond hearing later next week.

Sherry Brown, Clayton’s neighbor commented on the killing, “It’s terrible. It’s shocking. You know it happened so close to my mom’s and everybody here is like a tight community and talk to each other. I just think it’s a sad situation.”

There are witness claims that a police cruiser was parked on the street near Clayton’s house on Saturday night. This raises questions as to whether or not Kinne was on duty when the homicide took place. If Kinne is found guilty, not only will prosecutors likely seek the death penalty, but it opens the door for civil action against the Oxford Police Department. This is especially true if Kinne was in an official capacity at the time of the killing.

Clayton’s family only wants answers as to why Dominique was killed and suitable justice.