Robstown, Texas has been rocked by a multi-victim shooting at two locations, Retama Manor nursing home and a private residence. The victims were family members of Richard Starry, the shooter. Police are actively investigating the July 27th shooting, with details continuing to come forward.

Details of the shootings

On Friday evening, police responded to an active shooter call at Retama Manor nursing home. When police arrived, they found three dead, one woman and two men. 60-year-old Starry was found dead, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The other two fatalities were Starry’s father and stepmother, 85-year-old Earnest Starry and 60-year-old Thelma Montalvo.

Witnesses reported that Montalvo was visiting her husband, who was in residence at Retama Manor. Witness accounts and the motivation for the shooting have not been released. Police said it was too early in the investigation to make determinations or release detailed information.

Another visitor to the nursing home, Reuben Garcia, heard the shots fired. “I thought it was just a ladder that had fallen down, that’s what it sounded like to me. Then I heard somebody say run, run. So we ran.” Garcia recounted, explaining how he got his father out of the home.

While police were investigating the shooting scene, they received a call from a concerned family member directing them to the family home on State Highway 44. Police went to the Starry/Montalvo residence and found two more victims. 13-year-old Isaiah Starry, Earnest and Thelma’s adopted son, and Roel Mireles, Montalvo’s 41-year-old son, were both found dead at the scene. Both had been shot, presumably by Richard Starry.

Richard Starry has had minor legal trouble in the past, having been arrested in 2017 on theft of property charge. His last given address was the residence on State Highway 44, where Isaiah and Roel were found dead. He also co-owned various properties in the area, Earnest Starry being the other co-owner.

Details and information about Starry’s relationship with his relatives has not been learned. Nor has the Nueces County Medical Examiner released any details about the nature of the shootings. Chief of Police Erasmo Flores spoke to press saying investigators were being diligent in their pursuit for answers about this shooting.

Robstown police expect assistance with the investigation from the Texas Rangers. Governor Greg Abbott’s office and city officials will offer grief counselors through the Texas Department of Public Safety for those in need at the nursing home. Visitors and residents alike were equally traumatized by the incident.