Police in Culver City, California have arrested and charged Kianna Williams and Adam Manson for the death of their 6-month-old infant, Jacsun Manson.

According to authorities, Jacsun had been reported missing on the 25th of January. The last time Jacsun was seen alive was on New Year’s Eve, in a PT cruiser with his parents. Authorities say the car was a stolen vehicle, belonging to a girl at the transitional housing where the parents were living. According to those close to the situation, Jacsun’s parents were meth users and considered erratic.

Aegina Manson, Jacsun’s aunt, said, “They should have never (been given back) the child. They are two recovering addicts. A lot of it doesn’t make sense. There’s a lot of lies.”

It was her belief that the child was safe with a friend of the family. She had spoken to her brother shortly before the boy was reported missing. She claimed he expressed an inability to care for Jacsun, reaching the point of tears at the admission. Aegina offered to care for Jacsun; however, arrangements for bringing Jacsun to her were not made.

Police believe the child died while in the parents’ care, if not at their hands. While Jacsun’s parents have not been fully forthcoming in the investigation, investigators believe Jacsun’s body was placed in a suitcase and discarded in a dumpster. The location of the dumpster was in Los Angeles near Crenshaw Mall.

Police have started a large-scale search at El Sobrante Landfill, located in Corona. This is where they believe the dumpster would have been delivered to. Even with the large amount of people conducting the search, it is expected to be a long task. The landfill processes approximately 70,000 tons of refuse each week. Search efforts are going to be increased to account for the large amount of additional garbage since Jacsun went missing. The plan is to bring in heavy machinery to better sift through the trash.

This isn’t the first time police have had to search the landfill. Fontana Police, investigating a missing teen nine years ago, searched El Sobrante for three months before finding the body. The search for the teen began just days after she was reported missing.

Jacsun’s parents are to be charged with second-degree murder this week. Culver City Police have asked that anyone with information regarding this investigation, please all Detective Raya @ 310-253-6318, or after normal business hours, the watch commander is available @ 310-253-6202.