Tennessee Police and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) are searching vigorously for Kirby Gene Wallace, 53. He is wanted for multiple violent crimes, including the deaths of at least three people.

Authorities allege that Wallace began his rampage on September 23rd in Stewart County. They suspect he killed an older couple after they returned home from church. The two had been tied up, then Wallace set the house on fire, as was reported by The Tennessean.

On the following Monday, in Montgomery County, according to reports from The Tennessean, Wallace allegedly shot and killed a man before stealing his truck. The search for Wallace was ongoing in the area, and he is believed to have been trying to flee.

Another victim, according to Montgomery County Sheriffs, was returning home from church on the Thursday before the double murder of the older couple. The woman told Sheriffs that Wallace forced her at knife-point into her home. He allegedly threatened her with a loaded rifle and destroyed her phone to prevent her from calling police. She alleges that she was then bound to her bed shortly before Wallace stole her car and fled.

The charges to be brought against Wallace are felony murder, first-degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated kidnapping and arson. Wallace is 5’10” tall, approximately 157 lbs., with hazel eyes and gray hair. He may have facial hair as well. Information that leads to his capture will be rewarded with $7,500 from the TBI.

The area north of Nashville is the primary search area. Montgomery County authorities have shut down intersections in the search area, and school buses in Stewart County are being followed by deputies to ensure the safety of children going to and from school. Currently the TBI has no reason to believe that Wallace has left this immediate area. The are encouraging residents to remain vigilant.

Federal agencies are assisting local and state authorities in the search for Wallace. They are searching from the air and on the ground, as well as door-to-door searches, including abandoned buildings. Authorities have not ruled out the possibility that Wallace is receiving outside help.

Residents in Montgomery and Stewart Counties recommend that residents keep their homes secure, remain inside and to report suspicious activity immediately.

At a Monday news conference, authorities stated, “We do know what his capabilities are. He knows he’s got this area here surrounded, it’s gonna be difficult for him to get out. So I would say that he would do about anything to get out of this area.”

Authorities have vowed to locate Wallace one way or another.