Houston police succeeded in ending a killing spree that resulted in the deaths of at least three victims. Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, 46-years-old, was captured on Tuesday following a short car chase. Rodriguez is being charged with the deaths of two people, with plans to charge him in the death of a third individual.

Details of the Crime Spree

Beginning July 9th, Jose Rodriguez began his crime spree with a home invasion and robbery. Within a few days, another home invasion resulted in the death of Pamela Johnson, 62. Johnson had been killed in her Cypress home and was discovered by police after a concerned call from her brother.

Police determined that Rodriguez stole Pamela Johnson’s vehicle and parked it at Willowbrook Mall. Rodriguez was seen later that day in the Mall via security video on Saturday. 28-year-old Allie Barrow was the manager of the Mattress Firm, located across the street from Willowbrook Mall. She was found killed by a gunshot wound on the same day Rodriguez was seen passing through the mall.

Two days later, Rodriguez’s crimes continued, when a Metro Lift driver was wounded by a gunshot from Rodriguez on Monday. Police also discovered another victim, killed by gunshot wounds, in a local Mattress One store.

Rodriguez’s History and Capture

Based on investigations, the motivation in these incidents appears to be money. Why any of the robberies escalated to murder is unclear at this time. Rodriguez is a known gang member and is also a convicted sex offender. His criminal history dates back to 1989. He was currently on parole, but had removed his monitor before embarking on the week of terror.

Police were alerted to Rodriguez’s location Tuesday, after he was observed in a local neighborhood. He was knocking on doors and trying to engage residents. Police suspect that Rodriguez was looking for his next robbery target and potential victims.

Rodriguez was captured on Tuesday. Police tracked him via eyewitness reports, which led to the pursuit of Rodriguez in the stolen vehicle. Fortunately, the apprehension occurred with no violence, in what the police called a “very professional takedown.”

Rodriguez will be charged with two counts of capital murder, with a third capital murder charge expected. He will also face counts for home invasion, robbery, aggravated robbery and grand theft. Authorities were pleased that Rodriguez was finally captured; the killing spree might have continued as Rodriguez was searching for more targets/victims. His capture is the result of diligent citizen involvement in the search for Rodriguez.